For any investor, this stat should stop you dead in your tracks: The Secondhand Market is projected to double in the next 5 years, reaching $77B.

Secondhand, or recommerce, will grow at 11x the rate of regular retail. If that doesn’t smell like opportunity, I don’t know what does. We at Alpaca wanted to investigate the white space in the recommerce market, which has matured over the last decade, but is seemingly poised for future incremental growth.

What is Recommerce

This is such a big topic to cover, but generally recommerce is defined as powering the re-use of goods. That can mean both…

Subscription commerce, and what to consider as a brand.

Recently, when on a call with a Senior Director of Innovation at P&G, I was asked about the future of DTC/subscription businesses. In presenting my thoughts, I realized my observations could be suited to a broader audience looking for insights from a VC who sees over hundreds of consumer companies a year.

We at Alpaca have almost a decade of experience with subscription brands, including: Imperfect Foods, Aloha, Monument, Classpass, Zeel, Core, Meural, Toolbx, and WheelsUp.

So, let’s set the stage and talk innovation in subscription.

First, Subscription eCommerce is Massive.

According to UnivDatos Market Insights, the subscription e-commerce market is expected to grow at…

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Alpaca VC is an all grit-no bullshit team of five investors who are committed to finding and supporting the best founders throughout the formative years of the startup lifecycle. We are a highly engaged team that blends collaboration and autonomy, and who values results and learning over rigid office hours. Everyone on the team is a solo-preneuer, yet no one hesitates to ask for help or assistance. We’ve been lucky to partner with top portfolio companies, including Compass, Latch, Imperfect Foods, Transfix, The Inside, and more.

We are looking for “Employee…

By Aubrie Pagano (Alpaca VC) and Lolita Taub (The Community Fund)

Lolita Taub and I were on the phone recently discussing our observations on community. We both agreed on the ideals of purpose-built spaces, services and products. And that there is still so much for the venture space to learn about how the market of underserved communities are as financially attractive (if not more) than markets that house the gaming, NFT and sneaker communities.

After my conversation with Lolita, I read a thread on Twitter about investors coming around to the idea of FemTech and digital healthcare built for women…

By Aubrie Pagano, GP at Alpaca VC, and Lauren Wisniewski, MBA Intern at Alpaca VC and MBA Candidate at NYU Stern

Setting the Virtual Stage — The Problem

It feels like the term “community” is omni-present today. From singer Lizzo’s devoted Twitter fans to groups of cancer survivors on Facebook; from running brand Tracksmith’s league of amateurs to Shopify’s merchant discussion boards; from Fox News to the 130,000 active community subs on Reddit; they all tout community as the glue that ties their sense of purpose together.

It makes sense. We know humans like to be social (our brains are wired to enjoy forging connections with others)…

As a firm, we’ve been interested in Food Supply Chain Tech and the infrastructure used to allocate food resources in a safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable manner. As a partner with experience in E-commerce supply chain technology, I also took a liking to Food Supply Chain Tech as it rhymes with the mechanics of shipping internet goods in many ways. Now more than ever (thanks COVID), it’s important to invest in the global food logistics market, which is projected to reach around $162B by 2024. …

I think we can all agree that digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) have been hit as hard as any business model this year. Let’s take a walk down memory lane through the firestorm that was 2020: First, there was Casper’s pillowy IPO, then the FTC’s block of Harry’s deal, Brandless’s shutdown, and finally (ahem) COVID-19 and the election. There was no shortage of bad news casting a dark shadow over the Consumer sector and the so-called darlings of the e-commerce world, DNVBs.

I do not entirely disagree with the critical sentiment that was thrown at direct to consumer (DTC) back…

Lex exists because of one stat that Boomers just cannot wrap their heads around*:

33% of Gen Z identify as queer.

At Corigin Ventures, we’re excited by that stat and we want to officially welcome Lex to our portfolio today.

The Elevator Pitch

Lex is a lo-fi, text-centered social app for women, trans, genderqueer, two spirit and non-binary people to connect worldwide. The community Lex continues to build is the magic we saw in Kell and her vision. Lex lived on Instagram for years before evolving into an app. …

How often do you fix up your resume? When was the last time you negotiated a raise? What do the next 5 years of your career look like? What about the next 10?

If I picked five of my friends at random and asked them these questions, I am willing to bet their answers would be along the lines of: “A long time and I don’t know.”

These questions, when answered honestly, reveal a level of career disrepair. As with any skill, there is a certain level of maintenance required to continuously keep up, sharpen, and improve your abilities. Navigating…

Why reputation, purpose, and potential matter

When I was making the very challenging decision to sell my company last year, one of my investors said this to me: “You’re giving up if you sell the company. Real entrepreneurs don’t give up.”

I don’t know how that rings in your ears, but to me, that was the moment I realized that there are good investment partners and there are bad investment partners. The premise of fiduciary duty doesn’t give you license to be a jerk. …

Aubrie Pagano

General Partner @alpacavc, Co-founder @bowanddrape, BK based

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